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How long does it take to get upgraded?


I called in Wednesday night to cancel my cable TV and phone, and keep only my internet.  The rep said they would be cancelled, and then set me up with an upgrade to 1Gig internet and the Wifi thing.  She said I was supposed to be getting a modem shipped to me that I'd be renting, and also the wifi stuff.  Well, today I checked - my TV and phone are still one, I'm still at the 300 down I was at before the call, and I have no new modem - just the wifi stuff.  So how long does it take to get the changes processed and the equipment I need?  Is there a secret code word I have to use to get the changes to go through?  I don't want TV.  I never use the phone.  I just want internet.  300 down, 1Gig down, I don't care.

Would it be quicker to do this in person?  Or do I have to call again?  If I call, what guarantee do I have that it will be done this time?  


Hello Ringthane, The Modem would normally be in the same box with the Eero equipment if they were sent as an upgrade. Since you still have an old rental modem on file you may want to return it and re-request a modem to be shipped out. In either case, I would highly recommend upgrading to a DOCSIS 3.1 modem in order to utilize your available 1Gig download speeds by swapping out the rental or purchasing one of the currently compatible retail modems. Please keep in mind that the modem rental fee is applied as long as you have a rental modem checked out to you on the account, so if you do not ultimately plan on using it please return it to avoid being charged for inactive equipment.