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30% increase in charges


Please inform me as to why my bill went up by almost 30% this month, and why I was not notified beforehand. I have heard that many others in the Santa Rosa Beach area have experienced similar increases without notification, and we are discussing how best to respond as a group of customers. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Xcream54. The details of your billing are provided on page 2 of your monthly statement. If you would like to review the details of your billing with an agent, please send an SMS to 66554 or call 855-633-4226. Thank you- 

Thank you. I guess it’s the end of my “one year promo”. $90 seems excessive for Internet service, especially when it drops frequently during peak usage times. Oh well, I guess I just have to suck it up and pay. Pretty much a monopoly situation for Mcom where I live. 

You are welcome.