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Not able to access Pay Bill?

We have noticed that users were recently made aware that they were not using the primary Owner account to log in due to the missing payment option and statement view access once logged in. For those of you that are no longer able to access the Pay Bi...

Package Price Confusion

For a new customer, with Cable tv only, I would like to know the total monthly bill. I am getting different answers from different Mediacom employees/sources...this is VERY frustrating!.The Website says the $100 "Variety TV" package includes local ch...

Switch and Save

I just had Mediacom Internet installed and was told by the Customer Service sales rep that I could sign up for the Switch and Save promotion for 3 years/$15 month off my bill. However, after logging into my account and following the steps listed on t...

JNap86 by Member
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Can't Update New Credit Card in Billing

I keep getting an error message that I can't remove my card that is expiring.  It keeps saying I can't delete because "Payment account is associated to 1 auto/scheduled payments and cannot be deleted"..  I have temporarily disabled Auto-Pay but it st...

FrankD1 by Member
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Auto Pay Discount

I am enabled on paperless and autopay, but I paid the bill manually before the autopay was deducted. I like to pay ahead of time.   Do I still get the $10 discount offered for setting up auto-pay?

Switching from bundle to internet only

I'm currently on one of the bundle plans where I get TV, phone, and internet.  The monthly cost is way too high and I don't watch TV or use the phone, but I want to keep internet going.  If I were to do this, would I need to return my Tivos when I ma...

Auto pay

I was told my bill would be auto deducated. Now I have a late fee?