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Not able to access Pay Bill?


We have noticed that users were recently made aware that they were not using the primary Owner account to log in due to the missing payment option and statement view access once logged in. For those of you that are no longer able to access the Pay Bill tab and options you will need to log out of the user-level account you are using and log in to the owner-level account in order to gain access or modify your other account settings. A user-level account can be promoted if there is one you prefer to use over the primary owner account for billing access, but this will need to be done manually using the instructions below.

For full details on the Mediacom ID management, please go HERE. To promote an associate account, you will need to log out and recover your primary account login HERE (recover owner password HERE). Once you have access to the owner account, go HERE to promote the user account of your choice to admin. You can do this by clicking 'USER' under the Role column of the email ID you are changing, selecting Admin via radial button, then Submit to save your changes. You can then log out of the owner account and log in to the updated Admin account to resume billing access as normal.



Hello Hoover1620. Only account "Admins" or "Owners" can access bill pay. Please sign in to your account at and go to "Account Management" to designate the accounts you want to have access to bill pay. If you need assistance with this, please send us an SMS text message to 66554. If you have not texted with us before, text "Join" to 66554.

That would be great but all it will let me change is the name !


Most people don't use the garbage "email" that Mediacom makes for you when you create your account with them. Fun fact, that useless thing is defaulted as the Owner, and the only way to give a Mediacom user account that was created with a personal email access to payment now is to find that Mediacom email, log into your account with that, and then give your actual, sane person account Admin access. As admin your account allows you to pay.