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Channel Line-Up

To find the channel line-up, please go to Once there, enter your ZIP code and click 'View', then select your location. On the following page click 'Complete Channel Line-up' in the upper right corner of the page and ...

DVR recorded shows

When I start watching a recorded show there is a clicking and buzzing and commercial before the show actually starts. Why?

Hulu on Tivo

I heard rumors that Hulu was also being taken out is that true? It might be wiser to get a Roku and cable services thru Mediacom without a box.

Zip code not being accepted by Tivo

I am having issues with the zip code not being accepted when trying to reset my Tivo to default. When I booted up the Tivo it went to the reset portion. Any ideas why it would not accept any zipcodes? I have tried everything avail within my county.

Can't get channel 3

My Dad can't get channel 3 in Missouri.  He was told it would be fixed by this past Sunday & it's still not working.  When will it be working again.  Thanks.


I am getting a v56 error on my tv, and I have a tivo/ebox box? What do I do?