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NFL Week 3 Power Rankings 2023: How all 32 teams stack up

Heading into Week 3, the Power Rankings are still trying to figure out who is going to be better than the rest! The top 10 shuffled a bit! We are excited to hear your thoughts on who will come out on top! Time will tell if teams like the Atlanta Falc...


Channel Line-Up

To find the channel line-up, please go to Once there, enter your ZIP code and click 'View', then select your location. On the following page click 'Complete Channel Line-up' in the upper right corner of the page and ...

Mediacom Tivo Requires Mediacom Internet. Why?

Why can I not cancel my Mediacom Internet and Keep My Mediacom TIVO? I have been running for 2 months now with my cable modem disconnected and have no issues with my TIvo services. but when i finally sure the new provider is  stable enough. i cant  c...

"Required" weekly test

Sitting here in Iowa wondering how long the "required weekly test until 6:11 a.m." is going to go on, since it is now 6:30. TV is in operable because of it.

Pixie2 by Member
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Sent me wrong remote, then did it again

I spent hours talking to one of Mediacom’s incompetent customer support staff trying to get instructions on how to program the remote I was sent. I was finally told it was the incorrect one and they’d send me a new one. I sent them pictures of the on...

HBO on demand issue

Why is the selection so limited on HBO on demand (HBO Max)?  There are only 1 or 2 episodes available for most shows.  When I log into HBO Max on my computer the full library is available. 

spud by Member
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ESPN 3 question

I just got Mediacom services and wanted to inquire if ESPN 3 comes with my internet service. I do not subscribe to cable tv, and how do I go about getting myself set up?

milkman by Member
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DVR recorded shows

When I start watching a recorded show there is a clicking and buzzing and commercial before the show actually starts. Why?

Hulu on Tivo

I heard rumors that Hulu was also being taken out is that true? It might be wiser to get a Roku and cable services thru Mediacom without a box.

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