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Download speeds / ping fine, but upload speeds stalling at 0.1mbps~?


So as of about three days ago, I've been having intermittent issues with upload speeds going to crap. Sometimes it's thirty minutes, other times it's hours. Download speeds are fine and hitting about 400~ as per normal, but during these issues I'm stay at a solid 0.1-0.2 upload. My ping in games and everything is fine, but running into issues loading webpages, discord. Has anyone else experienced this?


I suggest testing with a different modem. We can ship a Mediacom modem to you if you do not have another modem on hand. 

Man this a brand new modem, please send one with the technician that are set to come tomorrow.

I was hoping for an outcome on this.  I (and I see many) have the same problem.  I know I'm going to get the same run-around if I approach support.  Ever since the (un-asked-for) $10 upgrade to Internet 600 my upload speed has been in the weeds.

I was also hoping to see a resolution to this issue.  I'm experiencing the same thing and have been using my mobile hotspot until it is fixed. I went to the Mediacom local office and picked up a new modem--still the same.  I guess I'd like to know what is done to fix this.  And, please don't ask me to unplug my modem again.  Thanks. 

Follow up to the issue I reported:  After two different visits from a technician they finally determined that a "card" needed to be replaced at box outside.  Mediacom did that and it seems to be working fine now.  It was explained to me this is a known issue when upload speeds are not working. I guess if they knew that was the issue why did they have me go their office and get a new modem, reset the modem so many times I lost track and waste time sending a tech out to look at something they couldn't fix?