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Download speeds / ping fine, but upload speeds stalling at 0.1mbps~?


So as of about three days ago, I've been having intermittent issues with upload speeds going to crap. Sometimes it's thirty minutes, other times it's hours. Download speeds are fine and hitting about 400~ as per normal, but during these issues I'm stay at a solid 0.1-0.2 upload. My ping in games and everything is fine, but running into issues loading webpages, discord. Has anyone else experienced this?



Same situation here; it's gotten sinificantly worse over the past few months. I upgraded for another 10 bucks; the tech came out and replaced the cable from the pole; I switched out my modem. I'm paying over $100 for 100 mbps and averaging less than 5 during the day, but it's not considered an "outage" even tho none of my devices will work properly with it. We've got fiber comning to my neighborhood. I'ma bet mediacom is going to lose more customers.

Email sent. I hope this issue can be rectified but it appears it is, unfotunately, pretty common. Thank you for your reply.

You are welcome.