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Home Wifi Manager?


I recently moved and had my service switched to my new change I've made is to use the built in router on my modem (that was just replaced a few months ago to the latest Sagemcom modem). I've tried to use the Home Wifi manager to change my SSID/password and tweak a few other settings continuously since my service install on 7/29 and just get a Status 500 error. I got less than helpful responses from the tech on the phone when I called in, is this a problem company wide at the moment or just something wrong with my account? If the former any guesses on how long it takes to resolve?



Hello IABIRDER. In order to access the Home Network Manager you will need to log into the Mediacom primary owner account. User and admin accounts will get the Status 500 error when attempting to access that page. The owner account typically ends in


To do this, you will need to first log out of the current account you are in. If you are unaware of the Owner account username to log into, enter your details HERE and that should show you which login is needed to obtain the networking access.

I quite literally just figured this out about 45 minutes ago from digging around an older post you made about not having access to the "Pay Bill" button in the dashboard...I was able to recover my owner account and was able to properly log in but then got a "Device not found" message and instructions to call in to the support line. The rep on the phone had to provision my device differently but once I got to that point it was quick and straightforward. This arrangement of owner and user/admin accounts is a bit cumbersome to navigate/remember if you don't deal with it often.

Thank you for the feedback, the steps you outlined were the solution (for anyone else that has the same issue).

Thank you for the update and I am glad to hear that was able to be resolved! They are both ultimately due to the same cause with the only difference being Admin-level accounts/login ID's are enabled access to billing which is not the case with the Home Networking. This recent security change with the Owner, Admin and User accounts has been something new to learn, but hopefully this provides better overall account security and limits unknown or unintended access to certain features and settings.

Mediacom Tom, I purchased a Technicolor CGM4231MDC from Mediacom and I would like full control of the modem interface so I don't have to use the Mediacom Network Manager. Is that something you can help me with? Since I own the modem I should have the option to do what I am asking for. Any further information you may need, let me know.