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How to have multiple Mediacom accounts and services to one location?

Hello, I am planning on moving to a new address, but there are a 5 units there and am in contact with the other occupants and they also want a Mediacom connection. We all want our own private and secured account and service with Mediacom and would all pay our individual bills. Can I get my own connection and call add the "Unit 5" to the address? Otherwise we will have to go with Verizon so we can all connect with out own accounts. Is there a representative that can setup multiple accounts to the same address? On Mediacom server's it all comes up as one address regardless of the unit number.



Hello chemicalenginer. Thanks for posting your question. In short, it's more complicated if the units are not official postal addresses. That said, we can usually make it work. This can depend on how the lines are configured going to the building or to the units in question. If the units are just rooms at a single residential home address we can typically add units manually upon request, but each account would have individual installations and would be limited on certain services such as phone due to the postal/911 address not matching the address you use with the unit #'s, etc. 

Hello MediacomTom, Thank you for your response, it appears that is what Verizon does and even they run off phone lines. However, I called Mediacom twice over a 2 year time span and the representative said if its one address then its limited to one account. However, I would like to add a Mediacom account and label it as Room 5 and allow for another account to be opened if needed for my roommates. Would I be able to get in contact with you to check if this is possible at my location? I would like to start service as soon as possible. I am a co-owner of the property by the way . Thank you

Thank you again for reaching out.  Addresses normally match the 911 or postal service location.  Our normal rule for individual locations is also viewed according to power meters.  Activating individual accounts based upon room numbers is not a normal practice since our entry point for service is normally the utility entrance which is why we usually designate these by the 911/postal address or point of entry from the power meter.