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Internet Keeps Going Out


Having a problem with random internet outages.  Cable modem seems to be rebooting when the outages are occurring and internal connectivity within the house (i.e. local file server access) is working fine even when internet goes down.  Outages last about 1-2 minutes but occur frequently enough to be a problem.  Cable modem (Arris SB6141) is logging several critical errors each time it happens such as T4 Timeout and Timing Synchronization Failure.  Signal levels at modem seem reasonable but one downstream channel is reporting a lot of uncorrectable codewords.  Cable modem is only device on the line so not splitters or any other devices connected to coax cable.

Is it possible to have Mediacom look at logs of other end of link to see if there is information that might yield best path to troubleshoot the problem?  I admit the problem could be the modem but short of replacing it I can do little to troubleshoot it.  Perhaps other customers are having similar issues which might point to a common external issue?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello BarryBennett. The SB6141 modem is no longer supported on our system and needs to be replaced. If you are interested in purchasing a modem, I recommend that you get one that is included on this list: If you would like to use a rental modem from Mediacom you can request one be shipped to you by sending an SMS text message to 66554.