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Lost net all the sudden


Lost my internet but account says no outages. All the lights are solid green on modem. Tried resetting the modem even sent a corrective signal from mediacom website but nothing is working.



Hello Lipwound, and thank you for posting. If you are unable to get online please power cycle the power to the modem and, if you have one, the power to your wireless router. Please wait 30 seconds and then, in this order, please plug the modem back in first and then plug in the wireless router and wait for the devices to boot up. If the modem is still not online I would recommend texting 66554 to speak with one of our SMS representatives. If you are not already receiving text notices from Mediacom, text "Join” to 66554 to register. Once the phone number has been verified and registered for your account, our SMS agents will be able to discuss everything in full regarding any portion of the account.