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Modem keeps restarting


I am having a problem with random internet outages.  Outages last about 1-2 minutes but occur frequently enough to be a problem.  My Cable modem (Motorola M8600) is logging several critical errors each time it happens such as T3 time-out, T4 Timeout and Dynamic Range Window violation.  The cable modem is the only device on the line so no splitters except the one mediacom put in the box outside, connected to the house. 

I had started a conversion with a Motorola Support and after sending them pdfs shot of my modem connection status page and events page, here are there finding: (Motoroa Mentor) "I believe the issue is still with Mediacom. Corrected and uncorrected values are way above what they should be. This indicates some sort of packet loss. Either a fautly connector or splitter. Maybe even physical Damage to the line. The modem also caught a Dynamic Range Window Violation. Essentially meaning the CMTS/Tap on the pole is trying to assign the modem bad information. The modem refuses. The CMTS/Tap on the pole forces the Modem to reboot. Contact media com and Point out the Dynamic Range Window Violation and have them flag the CMTS/Tap for 48 hours so they can review the logs from their end."

I have had a tech guy come out twice to address this issue and am not sure wo I should contact next to try and get this fixed. My son works from home and every time the modem restarts/internet goes down he is disconnected for his work server. Any help/suggestions?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Sdude. Please send an email to, and our team will look into this for you. Please include your account number or street address and zip code.