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I have a Sagemcom Fast 3896 UM that I want 1 network set for 2.4 GHz and 1 set for 5GHz how do I get in it to give them different names and passwords ?



Hello Brad. You can use the Home Network Manager to modify your settings at any time.


Once logged in, Click Wifi on the left side. If your current Network is using both 2.4 and 5G, uncheck the 5G, then click the + sign near the top to add a new network. On this new tab 5G is set by default and you can make the SSID and password changes among other settings. If you have already tried to add a guest network, you may need to select the guest network and click remove network in order to continue with the above instructions.

Thanks that worked,,new problem with HNM I can change an icon and save it and as soon as it finishes saving the icon changes back into a computer monitor every time, thoughts ?

Brad, Icon changing would be reliant on the device saving them. You may need to retry saving it or restart the modem and re-login after making major changes and retry saving again.