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My Wifi Network does not show up on any devices


Hey everyone. My 2.4G wifi network does not show up on any of the devices in my house. Everything looks like it should be available but I cannot find it at all. I've even deleted the networks and reset them back up with no change. Do I need to get a technician out to look at it? Or is this something that a tech can do remotely?

Network is enabled

SSID is not hidden

Security: Mixed WPA2 and WPA

LAN: Enabled

Broadcast: Enabled

Radio 1: 2.4Ghz

Freq: 2.4Ghz


Channel Width 20Mhz

Channel 1

I've tried with windows 10, windows 11, and Android Phone


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello 10dedfish. I suggest changing the "Channel" setting from 1 to Auto and trying the "radio" setting AX B G N. Another step you can take is to perform a factory reset of the modem by depressing the reset button on the back of the modem for more than 5 seconds. If the network is still not working after the modem comes back online, I suggest you send an SMS to 66554 or call 855-633-4226 to make arrangements. 


Thanks! That works. Didnt have to Factory reset it. Must have been a hung bit or something.

You are welcome.