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Notifications when "scheduled maintenance" is planned


Can we get some notifications when there's going to be scheduled maintenance?

I would prefer not to mess with my router and modem for 20 minutes before calling to find out there's an outage. I love getting up at 4:30 to get some stuff done before a day full of meetings and wasting 20 minutes. It's awesome using my hotspot data at home to barely be able to participate in my work meetings...

It would be nice to get some payment breaks for these outages as well. I don't see why I would pay for a service that doesn't function.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Nick. I will provide your feedback to management. Maybe a feature can be added to the account dashboard at or the Mediacom Mobile Care app


Here we are a year later and Mediacom still hasn't figured out a way to notify us before they screw up their own internet. Truly amazing. You guys are the worst. You charge a premium but give us mom and pop service.