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We understand outages may occur due to weather or other unexpected events and will work as quickly as we can to address the issues. To report an outage or view known information regarding an interruption easily from a mobile phone, please log into the Mediacom App or SMS text 'OUTAGE' to 66554. By reporting them through these methods we can more accurately and quickly identify the issues in order to resolve them. 



Just a heads-up that at out house we've had 14 internet outages since the first of the month. Longest was an hour and 18 minutes, shortest was 3 minutes, average across the 14 events was 15 minutes. Know there have been weather events but this seems more than I'd expect.

Hello ModulatedWave. We appreciate you letting us know. To report an outage or view details on known outages, please log into the Mediacom App or SMS text 'OUTAGE' to 66554

From my experience this is a good indicator that your modem is starting to fail. Replace your modem by taking your current modem to your local Mediacom office or request a new modem on Twitter @MediacomSupport they will even send you an RMA for your old modem to send back. Hope this helps. 


The internet has been down for nearly 3 days now!  This is totally unacceptable!  I keep checking the app and calling for an update, but all that keeps happening is they move the time it should be resolved forward, and there is a pre-recorded app stating that they have technicians trying to fix it.  This is ridiculous!!!!!