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We understand outages may occur due to weather or other unexpected events and will work as quickly as we can to address the issues. To report an outage or view known information regarding an interruption easily from a mobile phone, please log into the Mediacom App or SMS text 'OUTAGE' to 66554. By reporting them through these methods we can more accurately and quickly identify the issues in order to resolve them. 


A fiber cut occurred on a section of fiber that we lease from a 3rd party fiber optic network provider. While at times service interruptions will happen, often due to factors outside of our control such as storm damage or accidental fiber cuts, they are typically resolved in a much shorter period of time.

We will be crediting affected accounts for the 3 days of service interruption. You do not need to take any additional action to receive credit, it will appear on your next billing statement. In addition, we are actively reviewing alternative solutions to help ensure this does not occur again in the future. Again, please accept our sincere apologies, and thank you for allowing us to serve you.


For the past 3-4 weeks our upload speeds have been dropping to zero or very close to 0.  It’s usually in the evening but not always.  We were notified of an outage the first week and then the outage notification disappeared.  Finally found out from a neighbor a week in that we have a bad node in our neighborhood that was being replaced and he was told by the end of the week.  I let that date come and go and then put in a ticket myself, it behaved for two days in a row so I cancelled as it would have meant taking time off work and sure enough that night it dropped out again.  

I contacted an agent was told this was being done by the maintenance department and it could take several weeks as it’s a large job.  Working in IT I understand things happen and services can be lost.  My biggest complaint with this whole ordeal is that I can’t get an estimated completion date as “that’s another department and I don’t have access to that” and if this was maintenance why wasn’t I told about this?  Communication, communication, communication!!!  If I took down a service for weeks on end, or something failed, and I didn’t notify the users of the outage and an ETA I would be updating my resume as I would no longer be employed. Especially if I claimed ignorance and just blamed another department (even if it is their fault). 

I know most of the world has gone back to normal, but my kids are still taking classes online because of health issues.  They just started new classes the week before this started and now we are out $90 so far in missed classes we can’t get refunded on.  We can sometimes get mobile data to work and tether their computers, but our mobile service is unreliable where we are, and we have racked up 20GB of mobile data so far this month doing this.  After 16+ years of usually reliable, but very overpriced, service with Mediacom I’m at my breaking point for the way myself and my neighbors have been treated.  Mediacom no longer has a monopoly in my area and the competition, though not as fast, is starting to look very attractive, especially as they are MUCH cheaper than Mediacom.  Again, my main issue with this has been a severe lack of communication and not knowing what is going on.  Meanwhile my wife is having to apologize to another teacher for my daughter dropping offline halfway through a class tonight as we lost upload again tonight in the middle of another class.  Usually, an internet issue is just an annoying loss of entertainment for a family, but for us it’s how our kids get their education, how we access medical care, and how I do my required training for my job. 

We’ve been told we would be refunded for the time we are having I issues, but I doubt it as that never happens and it will leave my wondering why I’m paying $140/month to a company that can’t even bother communicating with long time customers to let us know we will have no service, or that something isn’t going well and service will be impacted for the next few weeks. 

I’m posting this here in the hopes that this will be read by someone who actually cares and can be a learning opportunity for someone.

Hello Northwindone. Thanks for posting. I am sorry to hear of the problems and inconvenience our service has caused. We do utilize the overnight periods of time to implement upgrades and maintenance outside of emergencies. This information can be found HERE. Unfortunately we are unable to compensate for 3rd party services, wages etc., so we would only be able to provide credit for Mediacom services directly. For outage information or reporting you can always log into our Mediacom Support MobileCare app or SMS text 'OUTAGE' to 66554.

The problem is this isn't happening overnight, it's in the evening and the morning and sometimes all day long. Yes mostly in the evening but still what family isn't using their internet at 4 pm? Our daughter was in a class last night at 5 pm Pacific time when our service cut out, that's not overnight, not by any stretch of the imagination.  It's obviously not an emergency if it's every day for weeks on end. Our family's major issue is NO ONE communicates with us. No one told us  "We're doing an upgrade and your service may be intermittent". No one can give us an estimated date this will be finished. While we are hemorrhaging money in things you can't or won't reimburse us for. There is no outage showing even though this obviously a known issue so the MoibleCare app is of no use to us. The problem is maintenance cannot communicate with the customer service reps so that we can figure out when this is going to get better. All we get told is they will let us know when it's fixed, NO they will not because they didn't let us know it was broken in the first place, it took talking with neighbors and getting on chat to even figure out there was a maintenance issue. 


Node 39 in the Ridgecrest, California area. We live outside of the city limits in what is called the China Lake Acres area.

We appreciate that additional information and hope to have this resolved for you as quickly as possible.