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We understand outages may occur due to weather or other unexpected events and will work as quickly as we can to address the issues. To report an outage or view known information regarding an interruption easily from a mobile phone, please log into the Mediacom App or SMS text 'OUTAGE' to 66554. By reporting them through these methods we can more accurately and quickly identify the issues in order to resolve them. 


I wanted to update you on our experience from last night. Of course I know you cannot personally do anything to remedy this, I am hoping you can pass along our experience and our updates and find someone who can help this be remedied more quickly. Last night our service interruption started at right around 6:30pm and it did not stop until just a few moments ago. Its almost 9:30am. 15 HOURS! That is not the overnight hours. When its working, its working well...but having absolutely no upload makes the internet unusable, you need upload to get to the download. 

I wanted to add a little data. When we are having the interruption using speedtest we get around 300-400mpbs download which im fine with, not what what im paying for but good enough and upload of 0.15-0.5, Unusable obviously.   Now that the interruption has stopped for I assume the "working daytime hours" we are getting 500+ mpbs download and 65.2mbps upload. Again not really what we are paying for but older lines, etc... I completely accept that this is a required upgrade, its just the hours that it is happening and lack of communication. So I want to provide you as much information as I can.  We have a brand new router, like less than a month old TP-Link Deco AX3000 WiFi 6 Mesh System(Deco X55) and a fairly new, about 2 years old, ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 modem. Its not our equipment because when it works it works well. its this evening to mid morning down time for the last few weeks 14-18 hours on average.


Your own maintence page suggests a timeframe from  Midnight - 6:00 am when in reality its around 5pm to around 9 am....

Unfortunately if you continue to experience problems outside of the maintenance window we will need to schedule a trouble call for tracking and/or escalation purposes. Would you like me to set you up with the first available appointment? To view available times/dates available should the appointment be required please SMS text us or log into our app to schedule this ASAP.

It has now been 1 month from my initial post and 2 months since the issues started and we are still having daily upload issues and outages during the hours most folks use their internet for school, telework, etc... The "maintenance window" concept apparently doesn't exist for our area as the outages are usually during the day and rarely at night, though sometimes it goes into the night.

My kids are still not able to resume their classes and we cannot use our security system, utilize the streaming services, and other various services we pay for monthly.  Also, due to poor cell service in our area, we don't even have reliable phone service.  

Ourselves and at least 2 of our neighbors are actively finding a new ISP.  2 months of unreliable service and no estimate of completion is unacceptable.  There is still a complete lack of communication on what is going on and when it will be completed.  We have also had multiple service calls during that time and that hasn't helped either (other than finding out we had a filter still installed that should have been removed 2 years ago when we changed over to 1 GIG!!!).  The techs can't get us a date either and they are dealing with the same issue at their homes.  Which tells me you have dozens if not hundred of subscribers with the same issue thanks to never doing maintenance on your systems despite how much you charge all of us every month.  

I know this update won't do a bit of good, but maybe it will prevent someone else from making the mistake of ever trusting Mediacom to do the right thing.  

Hello Northwindone. I am sorry to hear that you are still experiencing problems and will be happy to help. Please email my team and we will assist you. Thank you-