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We understand outages may occur due to weather or other unexpected events and will work as quickly as we can to address the issues. To report an outage or view known information regarding an interruption easily from a mobile phone, please log into the Mediacom App or SMS text 'OUTAGE' to 66554. By reporting them through these methods we can more accurately and quickly identify the issues in order to resolve them. 



this internet service, not the best. when you live in a tourist location. the pricing is high. if you work here

and live in a tourist town. you need to work extra hours to have internet. most people can not afford some of

the needed services. so when they charge $90.00 amonth for internet and $10.00 amonth for a router box. 

i had purchased a router box of my own and had 400 mbs. mediacom router wont make it pass 90 mbs.  

my own router worked for a year, and failed to connect to mediacom. spent 2 hours on the phone trouble shooting.  since getting a mediacom router, have had internet outage most everyday in the morning. then maybe come back buy the affernoon. even checking the website and shows no outages. this happen in

in all the apartments here in sweetwater apartments in gulf shores alabama. 

my Motorola modem has been sent into motorola for warranty  repair for service. 

I am sorry to hear of the issues with your pricing and services, gulfshores. If you are not currently on a promotion I would recommend logging into to see what upgrade discounts are available to you. If you are eligible for ACP you can also apply that to your account following the instructions HERE. If you are reporting the interruption as an outage and one is not being declared you may be dealing with intermittent signal that is localized. Please go HERE for some steps you can take to troubleshoot. For wireless-specific dropped connections on a Non-Eero wi-fi modem rental you may also want to optimize your wireless network. If you know other tenants are having issues and are out during the same time as you confirm they are also reporting it through our MobileCare app or via SMS texting in order for the outage to be officially declared and we can work to resolve that ASAP.


Why doesn't Mediacom establish an incident command center and inform their customers the following:

1.  How extensive the outages are and services such as phone, TV, internet that are affected. 

2. What caused the outage and

3. How soon restoration of services is expected.


Hello, and thank you for reaching out to us. If you would like to receive current up to date information on the outage I recommend reaching out to us via SMS text to 66554 or by checking via the Mediacom Connect app The app has up to date information on any outages that is effecting your account along with an estimated time of repair. If you have further questions please don't hesitate to reach out.