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Phone email "unable to connect to server"


I'm trying to get my email to work on my phone again.  It stopped working at some point and I'm not sure why.  I tried re-entering my password to see if that was the problem and I get an "unable to connect to email server - no response from server" error.  Email works fine on the computer.  Did the settings change in the last few days?  I haven't made any changes on the phone except to re-enter the password just now.  


Hello Octavarium, and thank you for posting. I was able to get some information for you on the error you mentioned. It is a common Android error that happens with the IMAP settings and there are multiple possible fixes that may work for you but are not guaranteed. I would not recommend utilizing them since there is no guarantee they will work but if you are interested in giving them a try you can read up on them here. I would recommend attempting to use POP3 server settings on 1 of your devices and testing to see if that clears the error on it before attempting to use the fixes listed above. You can view the POP3 server settings for your smartphone here If you are having any more issues after changing the POP3 please respond here and we will be happy to further investigate. Thank you. 

Hello Scott,

The POP3 settings are working on a few devices I have tested.  Still, the IMAP settings were working for years until a few weeks ago and it is a more preferred setup if possible.  There does appear to be an issue on the server side.  I am seeing the same intermittent connections through the IMAP settings on this account when using Thunderbird on a Windows computer, but POP3 works fine.  Could you pass along the details I provided to the appropriate people so that the IMAP issue gets a further investigation.

Thank you for testing out those settings Octavarium. We have tested the IMAP settings on our end with the ports you suggested and could not recreate the error. For us to dig further into this issue we will need more information about the email addresses. If you could please email us at with your account information (account number if you have it), your Mediacom Communities name (Octavarium), all email addresses being affected, and the devices that the emails are set up on with the exact settings each device is using. We will also need the error on each device that is being presented along with when the error started happening. With this, I'll be able to further investigate your issue with the IMAP settings and then escalate as needed. If you have any other questions before sending that information please include those in the email with the Mediacom Communities user name and I'll be more than happy to answer them. Thank you. 


This is crazy because it's not just an Android error - it's an error with every device.  It is becoming impossible to connect to email through any device - apple, android, mac or hp.  Currently the only issue on my mac, iphone, ipad and hp from work is that I can't access my email.  All passwords, ports and configurations are correct.  If I try to connect through the internet I get "This site can't be reached."  Even when I click the link in the above article I get the same response. I have personally  been in contact with a minimum of 10 friends and family members who now can't access their email.  My mom even spent 3 hours on the phone with support - it worked once and then not again.  The only common denominator is mediacom,.



I would suggest attempting to confirm that your email on our webmail is working correctly and accessible.  Once that is verified, and the IMAP or POP3 settings have been confirmed, you can contact us direct to trouble shoot any further concerns.  You can reach us by SMS text message to 66554 or by calling 855-633-4226.  Apple devices do go through numerous updates to software and devices that will sometimes create the need to remove the email and add it back as if it is a new mailbox.