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Repeated Outages In My Neighborhood


I haven't had many problems with my Mediacom internet service up until a few months ago. Since the end of last year, internet outages have become a semi-monthly occurrence. I'm not talking about losing connection and the then reconnecting, either (though that can be annoying). I am talking about a full business day of no internet connection followed by intermittent disconnection over the next day or two.

To clarify further, this is not just my address; the outages are reported over the same few-neighborhood-wide area each time. So this seems like something that should be addressed, right? Well when I asked Customer Service I get the non-answer that, because even though this keeps happening, it doesn't necessarily have a single root cause.

So, if someone representing Mediacom on here is listening, please tell me, or direct me to someone who can tell me:
Are you fixing the network so that I don't unexpectedly lose a day or more of work every month?
What are you going to do to assure me that this isn't going to keep happening?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello AdamAdamAdam. Thank you for contacting us. I apologize for the interruptions in your service. Regular system maintenance is performed to prevent outages and minimize downtime when interruptions do occur. Unfortunately, some events are beyond our control, such as cut lines and commercial power outages. 

Hi Sean,

Thank you for responding to my post so quickly. I appreciate you taking the time.

Please allow me to apologize if the tone of my original post came across as combative or with any animosity. I understand that there are a great many factors that can influence the availability of services and most of those are out of Mediacom's control. I also understand that you personally cannot account for the reliability of service in one particular area. I do not expect you or anyone on the frontlines of customer service to be able to immediately correct service issues. That's not realistic.

So in the interest of clarity, I will try to present this in a single, actionable request: Please provide me with contact information for someone who can address my concerns about the deteriorating reliability of my internet service. If you cannot provide this information, please either escalate this to someone who can, or provide me with their contact information.


Thank you for responding. If you'd like you can reach out to us at we will be more than happy to investigate your issues. Please provide your name, address with zip code, and account number in the email so that we can bring up your information. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Hi Scott, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, that email address does not work.