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Router in Bridge mode


Can someone explain to me how my router ( brand new ) likes to stop working suddenly. I call support, they assure me everything is fine. I can connect directly to the router from a computer and get to the internet, but my router cannot. I change nothing, I call support, they waste my time assuring me there is nothing wrong that they can see. I schedule an appointment. I fidget around with my router trying to get it to connect to the Mediacom router for the next few hours, and then as suddenly as it stopped, it works again. I rely on my internet connection for work, and this has happens so frequently and I have lost many billable hours f-ing around with this problem while Mediacom's only solutions have been to send a technician or install a new router. I cancel the appointment because the problem is solved and it works great for awhile until the next time it happens and I go through the same problem again. This happened with my old router as well, so I figured getting a new one would be the answer. Is this just Mediacom not being able to tell that there is an internet outage? They can see my router and reset it and tell me everything looks good, but only a technician can determine if there is a line problem or a router problem. That this fixes itself after a few hours is no comfort as I lose productivity and billable hours every time this happens. This is becoming such a hassle that I am seriously considering getting a different service. Is there or is there not a way that a technician can determine if a localized outage has occurred and just say so. That would give me more satisfaction than f-ing around every time with the same useless quasi-solutions being offered. One more time and I'm done with Mediacom. They have had my service longer that AT&T, but it's not much better.....


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello ZoXo. When connecting your router to the modem, be sure you use port one on the modem, as that is the only active port. In regards to your router, make sure that your firmware is up to date and that it is configured for both IPv4 and IPv6 to ensure connectivity in case IPv6 is unavailable. Please let me know if you have any questions.