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Router/Modem Compatibility


Is there a list of aftermarket routers/modems that are compatible with Mediacom?


Hello Fishindude61610. Yes. The modems on the list are compatible with all Internet Speeds we offer up to 1Gig. 

There are great ones out there not on the list, on Amazon, recommended 3.1 something, not 3.0, i bought rebuilt Arris SBG8300, and another one not used, because it is 3.1 something, fast, cheap, is a modem  AND router because i bought a modem off the list with no idea it was not a router... some computers will only use wifi, no wire connect, some give you a connector to use the ethernet and it will use up one slot, not sure which, did not use it.  It would be super easy to make a list of what will work, its features, what is good in the future, everything, that is compatible with Mediacom and could have embedded links to buy them, but when i looked, it had none of these properties.  I did the hundreds of hours method hit and miss til i got it right.  Hope this helps.  I am not paid, so this is the free version.


I manage a small network. I have a new modem from Mediacom.  When I plug my laptop into it, I get 1G download, which is what I pay for. When I plug my router into the modem and my laptop into the router, I get 90Meg download. When I called to cancel a service call (the problem seems to be mine, not Mediacom's), I asked about compatibility between modems and routers (since I seem to need a new one). I was told to be sure to get a DOCSIS 3.0 or 3.1 rated router. I have never seen the DOCSIS level included in the specs of any router. Is this right, or is it time for some Mediacom tech education?

Hello engineer43. I am glad to hear you are able to pull full speeds directly from the modem at least. As long as the router has hardware capable of 1Gig it may just need a restart/reboot or a modification of settings to pull the full connection speeds. Settings you may have enabled previously such as QoS can also lower the speeds and will need to be adjusted or disabled in order to attain full connection potential. Worst-case you can do a factory reset on the router and set it back up to clear any unknown settings and begin from a fresh installation. Any concerns with router setup or to check if it is capable of the 1Gig speeds I would recommend looking online for the OEM or manufacturers site for further insight on your router.


Is the Netgear Nighthawk AX2700 compatible with MediaCom internet?