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Second residential account for home.


Fiber is not available in my area. I would like to get a second 1gbps connection to my home and use a router to combine and balance the two WAN connections. More important to me is upload than download speed and since download is still being prioritized this is where we are...

For the life of me you cannot tell me this has never been done before? Is there anyone on here that can help make the second tap a reality for me?

They say to get a new physical address. I don't think that should be necessary to get another modem provisioned. I don't even require a service line to the house as I have had business and residential accounts on the same line with no issues.

Can anyone help me get a second residential account or modem provisioned?

Alternatively I would be willing to go to 500 down to get 500 up why cant they offer this option?


Great. I am glad to hear this.