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Service has become unreliable


I am about to start looking for another company.  My service is inconsistent.  For the last few months, like a few times a day, I will just lose connection and then it reconnects.  I need a steady internet connection for work but this is becoming an issue.  I have tried to get help with this, but Mediacomm always gives the same song and dance.  Reset modem, reset router, stop using router, etc. etc. etc.  I will be calling around today to get prices on a new service.  I pay entirely too much money for my service for this to be a constant issue.  I can't go buy a new router and modem every time Mediacomm doesn't want to research the issue on their end.  I am over it.



I apologize for any issues you have experienced.  We can investigate any service concerns further,  If you have not recently had a member of our technical staff visit, you can reach us via SMS text messaging at 66554 to have an appointment scheduled.