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Activity stream

I just discovered "activity stream" in my web mail. How do I get email going there to go to inbox in web mail. How do I get "activity stream" to show up on Outlook and in Samsung email category on my phone? 

No verification email

 I am trying to create my Mediacom ID using my email,  but I am not getting the verification email sent to me. Can you advise?

Showtime anytime

Trying to activate devices for showtime anytime and am sent to a screen with an activation code but the error message reads “ the primary account holder needs to confirm before activation.” What? How do we jump this hurdle?

Package Price Confusion

For a new customer, with Cable tv only, I would like to know the total monthly bill. I am getting different answers from different Mediacom employees/sources...this is VERY frustrating!.The Website says the $100 "Variety TV" package includes local ch...

Switch and Save

I just had Mediacom Internet installed and was told by the Customer Service sales rep that I could sign up for the Switch and Save promotion for 3 years/$15 month off my bill. However, after logging into my account and following the steps listed on t...

JNap86 by Member
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Mediacom "My Account" won't load

I've tried repeatedly to log onto "My Account", but the page won't load... I just wanted to see how much data I have left. Everything else loads fine on my PC, so its your web site that's screwed-up

Dan by Member
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Can't Update New Credit Card in Billing

I keep getting an error message that I can't remove my card that is expiring.  It keeps saying I can't delete because "Payment account is associated to 1 auto/scheduled payments and cannot be deleted"..  I have temporarily disabled Auto-Pay but it st...

FrankD1 by Member
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Owner account demoted to user and can’t change it

Hello. I’ve followed all instructions posted in other threads. I went to pay my bill, and the bill pay is just gone. I went to recover my ID, by punching in my account number and recovery phone number. The only email that pops up is my current one. I...

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