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Outstanding employee


Hi -

I just want to say that your employee Austin who works in the Apache Junction AZ office is absolutely amazing. A few weeks ago, while my condo was rented as an AirBnB, the tenants lost internet on the first day. A tech was called, and he left without resolving the issue. A new tech was sent that afternoon, and although he was able to restore internet, the way he did it was against HOA policy. Knowing I was headed out in a few weeks, I waited until my arrival so I could go to the office myself, which I did this morning. The office staff was great, and had the Tech Supervisor call me. Although he believed it was due to old wiring, he agreed to my wishes and sent a tech out. When Austin arrived, he agreed that the way it had been done would not be acceptable to the HOA. He agreed that things just weren't adding up as to the loss of service. He listened to everything I had to say, he investigated every possibility and doggedly worked on it, knowing that it was not the wiring. He eventually figured out that the cables were mislabeled at the junction box, and when someone cancelled their service, my service was unintentionally disconnected. He had it back up and running in no time, careful to also not leave me stranded, as I was in the middle of a zoom meeting during all of this. I truly cannot say enough about his expertise, his professionalism, and his willingness to listen to me and not just blow off what I said because I didn't know what I was talking about. Which I didn't, but I knew that what I told by the previous tech just wasn't right. I am very grateful to you Austin!! I hope Mediacom recognizes this employee. He saved me what was going to be thousands of dollars to have an electrician fish new wires, and it was a Mediacom error to begin with. He deserves a raise, bonus or something. He is great and I will always request him if I can.



Hello tmart1212. Thank you for letting us know and we will be more than happy to forward this compliment for Austin along appropriately. We greatly appreciate the feedback and your patience.