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Mediacom Community Terms and Guidelines


Welcome to the Mediacom Community Forums. By having an account or using these forums, in addition to the rules for the forums stated here, you agree to the terms, rules, policies and guidelines of Mediacom’s Website Privacy Policy, Mediacom’s Website Policy, and Mediacom’s Residential Customer and User Agreement.

Views expressed on this site are not endorsed by Mediacom.  Mediacom may delete any content in the forum or take any action with any account for any reason or no reason.  Mediacom may also contact users about their posts.  When posting in the Forums, those making posts are responsible for any content that is published.

Should you need assistance using the forum, you can contact

We ask that you be polite and respectful of others in the forums.

To help build a better forum, try to stay on topic when posting and keep your comments relevant to that topic. You can also start a new thread with a descriptive subject line that will help others who have similar issues.

For your own protection, don’t share your personal information in the forum, such as name, address, phone number or credit card information.

Do not post spam, malicious content or anything that promotes illegal activity, including violations of copyright laws. 

We hope you find our community helpful. 

Thank you for choosing Mediacom.