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Almost NO sound on TNT, TBS, TOON


Since sometime last night, the volume on Cartoon Network, TNT, and TBS is SO LOW that I have to practically turn it up to the max to hear it.   It's just those channels I've found, none of the others have a problem.  I've checked for outages in the area and did the whole reset thing with the box and it's still terrible.  Once in a while, a commercial will have regular volume and then it about blasts the speakers out.  Anyone else?



Hello SirMatthew. I apologize for this issue you are having.  I have reported this to the Headend Tech for investigation. We will monitor the ticket and follow up with you with any information we are provided. Please let me know if there is anything I can assist you with in the meantime. 

Thanks! TNT is back to normal but TOON and TBS are still almost inaudible.  I wondered if it is the networks themselves? 

You are welcome, SirMatthew. A bulletin is now open for the issue, and we are working to resolve the problem as quickly as we can. I will continue to monitor the ticket and follow up with you when it is cleared. Thank you- 

Hello SirMatthew. I wanted to follow up with you as the problem has been reported fixed. Please let me know if you are still having any issues.