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Audio and video out of sync.


The video and audio track are not in sync on our cable. I have reset the box and also the main box. When I go on my Roku or apps it is not like this, only on the cable. It has happened in the past and I have been able to reset the cable box and it fixed it, but it is not this time. It is super annoying. 



Hello ceparker72.  The easiest way to resolve this issue when it occurs related to the audio and video not properly syncing is by using your channel up or down option.  Change the channel and return.  If this is an ongoing problem and this does not resolve, resetting the equipment is the next step.  If it continues and neither of these steps correct, we would suggest sending a technician to investigate further.  You can reach our customer support group 24/7 using our SMS text messaging option to 66554.  If you have not taken advantage of this yet, simply send the word JOIN.