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Discover The Advantages Of The Xumo Stream Box By Mediacom

Transform your TV viewing experience with the Xumo Stream Box, a compact and user-friendly streaming device that offers seamless entertainment. Here’s why it’s a must-have: Effortless Setup: With its plug-and-play functionality, you’ll be up and stre...

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Xtream1 Remote won't control my TV

I've gone through the process about a dozen times.  The Xtream1/tivo remote with my new xtream1 remote will not control the volume, mute, power on my television.  For now, I just have my tv remote handy but is there a way that I can fix this? I have ...

IP Boxes Standby Mode

We recently got 3 of the new IP boxes.  Does anyone else have trouble with them popping up a message saying "This box is going into standby.  Press OK to continue watching"?  All 3 do this randomly while we are actively watching a show.  How annoying...

Xumo Support

Did you acquire a Xumo Stream Box from Mediacom? If so, we hope you’re enjoying the product and the services it provides. If you need assistance troubleshooting the unit, its remote, or other functionalities, visit Xumo’s support page. There, you can...

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What to Watch Wednesday!- Highlighting what VOD has to offer!

Copilot 2024Are you looking for your next favorite movie or show but feeling overwhelmed by the endless options?  Here’s a guide to help you navigate the sea of content on Mediacom's Video on Demand and find a gem that resonates with your current moo...

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What to Watch- The Blue Angels -Streaming Online

Can't make it to an airshow this summer or have a passion for the Blue Angels? Check out the new documentary "The Blue Angels" streaming on Amazon.  The documentary played exclusively in IMAX theaters for one week beginning May 17, 2024, and became ...


Price and new digital boxes

I  feel Mediacom is really shafting their customers by charging $9.99 per month per box for every new digital box they are making us use now. I as a customer pay $330 per month for their service, which comes to $4044 per year. At that price we should...

Randy by Luminary lvl8
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Xtreme IP Cable Box Remote assignment

I have a question on the Remote Control with the Mediacom IP Cable Boxes.  I have 4 of them.  3 of them are working as they should.   I have One of them that apparently has a misconfigured "Power" button.  When I hit the "Power" button on the IP box'...

Wrinklez by Luminary lvl8
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Introducing the Xumo Stream Box

Xumo Stream Box is a fast and easy to use device used for streaming with everything in one place already preloaded.  With it's easy to use navigation, it's the perfect device for both new and vetern streamers. With a Xumo stream box, you can enjoy a...

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What is this new "Xplorer box?"

I logged into support to ask a question about on-demand but a notice at the top of the screen caught my attention.  I had to order and Xplorer box to continue to watch tv?? What IS this thing? 

Pros or Cons of Xumo

I am considering the Xumo thing for a spare room. What has your experience been with ease of setup and usability? Do you like it?  

Bon3fish by Luminary lvl8
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