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Equipment Being Returned


So I've had mediacom for nearly 30 yrs..

2 yrs. ago I downgraded my package for TV channels and not to have Tivo.

I signed back up that fall for Tivo and a newchannel package. Football season.

Mediacom sent out new equipment for the 3 tv's said I needed to upgrade to the new equipment. Technician comes out and replaces two of the tv's with the new equipment. The 3rd tv he was unable to get working with the new box and put the old box back on.

He asked if I wanted him to return the old boxes, I ignorantly said, that eould be great.

2 yrs passed and decided to have tv cable disconnected for the summer. Took my three boxes in and they tell me I still have three more boxes to return.

I was shocked and mad at myself for trusting the technician to return my equipment. I now owe mediacom $450.

I am upset with this, do I have any recourse? I feel scammed.



Hello and thank you for bringing this to our attention. For this to be investigated, we would recommend texting 66554 to speak with one of our SMS representatives. If you are not already receiving text notices from Mediacom, text "Join” to 66554 to register. Once the phone number has been verified and registered for your account, our SMS agents will be able to discuss everything in full regarding any portion of the account and investigate the issue with the equipment charge on your account.


Thank you, I will try this text number.
I've had no success in convincing my local media com that I gave my equipment to the technician to be returned.