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MOCA Problem? DVR Box time wrong, No Network, etc


Not sure how to make this Long story short.... I have the Whole House DVR setup.. 1 main box & 3 minis.  Also have cable internet service thru Mediacom.  I'm using Mediacom supplied Technicolor Modem and their MOCA Adapter,, with my own Router.  I recently updated my 12 year old Netgear router to a newer "modern" Asus router.  Everything had been functional for years up until the router swap.  The swap was a straightforward deal.... same ethernet cables, same end-to-end location labels, etc, etc.. nothing else was changed, except for a router box.

Current situation is this:  my LAN connection to 2 pc's works fine, wifi works fine... zero issues with my broadband internet access.  

My cable TV has issues though.   Main DVR box works as normal, with the exception that it displays the wrong time on the box/on-screen guide (off by 50 minutes - delayed to actual time).  It also shows "Tivo Service Connection - Failed" in the menu settings.  I CAN access my recordings, watch them, record more...  All 3 Minis have similar problems... none of the 3 show any of the "info" associated to shows in the onscreen Guide.  All 3 have various errors on their onscreen clock times (1 off by 1hr 10min,, and 2 off by 1hr. 25min)..  They ARE all functional to watch TV, and view previously recorded DVR content.

My MOCA adapter power LED is in a constant state of blinking (manual indicates this is a reboot mode?)..

I'm assuming the Network failure I'm seeing in the DVR settings is MOCA related, causing no internet access to my TIVO system... and also the clock issues, etc... ??  

Phone tech support got me nowhere last evening... I believe they entered a "ticket" for someone else to look into it.

Is there a specific order of rebooting, powering up all the boxes (DVR, modem, router, MOCA dongle, etc..) that I could try?  Maybe the router replacement while a Mini or Dongle was powered up has created an issue where the system is totally lost?



I apologize for any issues after swapping your router and the Tivo system.  I would suggest a full power cycle of the system since it is possible that IP addresses may have changed causing problems.  The cable line should leave the outlet and go directly into the external MOCA which then connects to the modem.  Disconnect the cable connections and power to the MOCA, modem and your router for 1-2 minutes.  Connect the coax line to the MOCA and restore power to that device.  Allow it to power on and then connect the cable between the modem and MOCA.  Restore the modem power and allow this to fully sync.  Once that occurs (can take 3-7 minutes), connect the ethernet to your router and then restore power.  As previously, give this time to sync.  You can confirm completion by verifying access to your network.  Once that occurs, make sure no ethernet is connected to the Tivo box and power cycle. This will ensure it reconnects to the MOCA.  Any errors that populate during this process would suggest problems.  Normally, if the main box reconnects properly, the minis will automatically rejoin but if not, power cycling those devices should correct any issues.  You can contact customer support by SMS text messaging to report any error messages during the boot up process at 66554. 

Thank you for the suggestions,  I will try this later this evening.  In a similar thread, I had also read to do a "Factory Reset" on the cable modem... (holding reset button for approx. 30 seconds)..   would this also be something I would need to do?  Any harm in doing it??  Thanks


I would suggest holding off on the factory reset until the power cycling is completed.  If it does not restore, a factory reset can be attempted but you will need to power cycle your router afterward so it will recognize any change to the IP address.

Went thru the initial procedure you had suggested... system still operating as previously described.  Only thing different is the 3 Mini's have lost another hr+ on their onscreen clock display,, now off by over 2hrs.  (I had them disconnected from coax feed and power while doing the system reboot).  May try the modem reset at some time?...  Main problem though, if it could be described in-short:  I have no functional MOCA network.  On the Main DVR/Tivo box settings for Network Troubleshooting, I have a "C27" error. (No MOCA connection).  

The one thing I did see during reboot, and constantly still,,  on the Netgear MOCA Adapter, I still have a constantly flashing Power LED, and the Network LED is unlit.  

Will possibly dig deeper this weekend,,  would welcome any additional suggestions.