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We understand outages may occur due to weather or other unexpected events and will work as quickly as we can to address the issues. To report an outage or view known information regarding an interruption easily from a mobile phone, please log into the Mediacom App or SMS text 'OUTAGE' to 66554. By reporting them through these methods we can more accurately and quickly identify the issues in order to resolve them. 



Is there a cable outage in Blue Grass, Iowa?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Bert. There is an outage posted in that area and we are working as quickly as we can to restore service. The estimated time of repair is 5:00 pm CT. This information is available via SMS to 66554 and the Mediacom Mobile Care app. Thank you- 


Anyone know what the problem is in Marseilles Illinois, that there's an outage for almost 24 hours?  No notification of anything going on. Just no internet since sometime yesterday afternoon. 

Hello Ringthane. I am sorry to hear of the interruption, however, I am not showing any outage in your area and the current provisioned modem has been online for 24+ hours as of the writing of this post. I do show what looks to be a SonicWall behind the modem, so that may need to be rebooted/restarted to resume your connectivity along with any other networking equipment in line before getting to your devices or bypassed altogether if you would like to test your connection directly to the modem. I also noticed you are still utilizing what looks to be a DOCSIS 3.0 modem and could be obtaining higher and more consistent speeds using a DOCSIS 3.1 modem instead. We offer rentals at your convenience for a small monthly fee or you can obtain a compatible retail modem at your discretion.