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Price and new digital boxes

Luminary lvl8

I  feel Mediacom is really shafting their customers by charging $9.99 per month per box for every new digital box they are making us use now. I as a customer pay $330 per month for their service, which comes to $4044 per year. At that price we should not have to pay for their equiptment thay are forcing us to now use. The $330 per month should be for all their service and the equiptment should come with their service


Luminary lvl8

I concur! It's quite outrageous what I pay for cable and internet.  For being a customer since 1998, the only deal I could get was $20 off my bill.   Premier Communications is almost finished laying their cable in the area and I am going to look seriously as their packages.  


I have been a dedicated customer with Medicom since 1984, and I just can't believe the load malarky I was just told when I called the helpline. ALL my TVs are plugged into Medicom boxes, and to have to change out all of them is ridiculous. We have used a DVR provided by Medicom for many years, and their new boxes don't have this feature at all. Medicom is the only game in town right now but sooner or later, someone else will come along and I will certainly be looking to jump ship.   

Mentor lvl9

You only need one cable box from Mediacom. Then you can use any device that supports the Xtream app on your other TVs, like a Chromecast. 

Does chromecast just give you netflix, youtube, etc. but not regular cable shows? [TV land, cnn, syfy,  etc]