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problems with TIVO cable card and 10G upgrade


I have had my personal TiVo edge working until last week with a cable card from mediacom. Suddenly Sunday my cable card stopped working and I am no longer receiving any of my premium channels. My TiVo had been working  using a moca network which I set up to supply my other TVs using mini tivos. I did get a IP box mailed to me earlier from mediacom but haven"t installed it. How do I connect the IP box with my tivo edge to continue using my equipment. Any way to fix this problem will be much appreciated.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Sehmd63. Unfortunately, stand-alone cable cards are no longer supported on the system in your area. All stand-alone cable cards will need to be replaced with TiVo, eBox, Xplorer box, or XtreamTV App. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you-