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Xtream App Parental Control


Can I set up parental control using Xtream TV app on my phone?

Can I set up parental control using App in FireTV/Apple TV?


Community Manager
Community Manager

The Xtream app on the phone requires a Tivo box and does not permit the setup of Parental controls. But you can watch VOD/Live TV as long you are on same network as the TiVo box. VOD only supports free content and nothing that requires a purchase currently.

With the XtreamTV app for AppleTV/FireTV you don't have to have a TiVo box just Ebox and it uses IPTV to stream the TV over the modem. It functions just like a TiVo mini/ Ebox would and has it's own separate parental controls. It can do VOD as well.

The App on the phone let's you set up/modify/delete recordings but the App on AppleTV/Fire TV does not let you do anything with recordings. Watching recordings, scheduling or modifying recordings, Trick Play (FF/REW/Pause), and Caller ID are not supported.


So can I watch all Live shows on the phone app?

Not all channels on the lineup will be available for viewing in all areas. Click for a general list of channels available, subject to vary by area.