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Changes to Accounts/Payments


As someone who's been around awhile and dealt with various types of account and payment set ups, the changes that were (recently, I'm assuming since it's different than last month) made are horrible. Issues:

  • Log-In page no longer accepts E-Billing ID or Primary email listed in account and/or they don't work with the Mediacom ID password.
  • Forced to use Mediacom ID (, which is absurd, as I've never used this email service, so had to actually make a note of it just to pay my bill.
  • No option to change password from the dashboard.
  • Password is limited to 12 characters.
  • The payment form has changed. Now, instead of just choosing a debit payment and filling out the card information, a pop-up window opens with a long form of fields asking for information that Mediacom already has.
  • Along with the above, the payment information is stored, with no way to opt out of it. This is a HUGE security risk.

As I've mentioned, I've been a customer quite awhile and generally the service has been great (the random connection issues and excessive price aside), but this change is frustrating. I feel bad for the lady that had to deal with me on the support line, though I did apologize for coming off as rude. 😛



I think they removed e-billing a long time ago.

I use my Gmail e-mail to login. You just have to go to account management & add your personal e-mail address that you want to use. You can also reset your password from the same tab.

You should also be able to delete or remove a payment method under the pay bill tab as long as your role is set to owner.

I would visit and there is sub tab of 'ID management' that helped me out.


I believe your comment is based on the old dashboard. It's been revamped and no longer functions the same. There is no "Account Management" tab anymore. The "Manage My Account" link under "Support" now takes you to the new dashboard. In any event, thanks for the tips!

  • The login page still lists the e-billing email address as an option. In my case, it's my gmail account. If it no longer works, it should be removed because it's misleading.

Update: Ok, seems I did miss some "tabs", but only because they're just black text links with no indication that they're actually tabs. If the currently active tab had a background color or something, it might hint to what's going on.

  • You can reset your password under the "ID Management" tab of the "Settings" page. (Still has a 12 character limit)
  • You can delete a payment method in the "Payment Methods" tab under the "Billing" page, but that still doesn't address the removal of the one-time payment option. Now, in order to pay your bill, you have to add a saved payment method, pay your bill, then remove the saved payment method. It's tedious, at best.
  • I had to add a separate "ID" using my gmail address in order to login with that email.