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Internet issues today

I'm having severe internet issues all day today.  I'm supposed to be getting 300 down/20 up, but I'm routinely getting around 150 down/0 up.  I tried the modem troubleshooter and it said it couldn't get a signal from my modem.  I power-cycled it and ...


Thank you sir I did review email last evening it was in spam folder. Got into account.bless you

How to block devices from network

I don't know if anyone has ever had this problem, but I noticed a dramatic increase in my usual data usage and after some digging discovered other unknown devices on my network. I changed the password and restarted the router/modem but these devices ...

New account

Hi I have not received an email to verify new account. How can I get and make updates for billing. Thank you


   Why no answer mediacom? Still cannot get into my account. If you call technical support you get a foreign person that you can't understand and they look through a book for what to do. They know nothing.        Surfbroadband fiber will be at my add...


        I did register with ID an password. When I was finished it said it sent email to verify account but that email never arrived. When I try to sign in it starts to login but then it states in red "account not verified". Thank you                ...


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