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Games Server Problems

Hello all!Apologies if this is not the appropriate forum to put this under.I play many video games in my free time, and some require online connections. These connections are routed through that videogame company's servers. Some games I play that do ...

why am I paying for a service i am not receiving

any time I go to do anything online after 6 P.M. you throttle my internet. Why? is there a reason i pay for the gig package and receive less MBPS than your cheapest package. Even more annoying i know you aren't going to do anything about it because t...

Introducing the Xumo Stream Box

Xumo Stream Box is a fast and easy to use device used for streaming with everything in one place already preloaded.  With it's easy to use navigation, it's the perfect device for both new and vetern streamers. With a Xumo stream box, you can enjoy a...

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What is this new "Xplorer box?"

I logged into support to ask a question about on-demand but a notice at the top of the screen caught my attention.  I had to order and Xplorer box to continue to watch tv?? What IS this thing? 

Resolved! 10G Updates? (Grimes, IA.)

Hello all,  I hope everyone is doing well. As a life long customer and an ex-employee, I first want to thank any mediacom staff encountering this post. I remember while employed here (Under amazing management by the way, J*ff/M**hael/etc.) they start...

endi by Trailblazer lvl7
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Connecting my Grill to wifi with 2.4G

I have a new pellet grill that can be connected to a network allowing me to use my phone to keep tabs on what is going on with the temperature etc... rather than having to go to the grill for updates.  I have a router that has both 2.4G and 5G lights...

Price and new digital boxes

I  feel Mediacom is really shafting their customers by charging $9.99 per month per box for every new digital box they are making us use now. I as a customer pay $330 per month for their service, which comes to $4044 per year. At that price we should...

Randy by Member
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Block email not just move to junk

How can I block emails completely so they stop spamming.  Email filtering just moves them to a folder.  If they are blocked and bouce back they should stop. How can you report spam, phishing and abuse?

bfrank by Trailblazer lvl7
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Outage since 10pm last night - Burlington, Iowa

Been without internet since last night. Always have a time to be resolved but hasn't been yet and it's been about 24 hours now. I better not have to pay for service from that time until my tech appointment on Friday. Not too happy!

KSMITH by Trailblazer lvl7
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Mediacom Communications Boosts Xtream Internet Speeds

MEDIACOM PARK, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mediacom Communications today announced that the company is making significant speed enhancements to several of its most popular Xtream Internet services. Beginning May 17th, new and existing customers will be ab...

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