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Internet Keeps Going Out

Having a problem with random internet outages.  Cable modem seems to be rebooting when the outages are occurring and internal connectivity within the house (i.e. local file server access) is working fine even when internet goes down.  Outages last ab...

Guest Network on Eero

How do I change the password for the Guest network on the Wifi 360 Pro (EERO) setup. I can turn on and off the guest network but cannot find where to change the password for the Guest network. Thanks in advance.

How to block devices from network

I don't know if anyone has ever had this problem, but I noticed a dramatic increase in my usual data usage and after some digging discovered other unknown devices on my network. I changed the password and restarted the router/modem but these devices ...

Their Node

Ive had problems with my internet for at least a year now and this company still wont fix their problem which is the node...and they have been giving me the runaround for a whole year....Cant switch internet companies bc of where i live....such a bul...

vowels by Member
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Home Wifi Manager?

I recently moved and had my service switched to my new change I've made is to use the built in router on my modem (that was just replaced a few months ago to the latest Sagemcom modem). I've tried to use the Home Wifi manager to change ...

Bad Modem

Hi, My internet quality has declined in the past week.  I replaced my router because I thought that was the problem, but I think it might be the modem.  I was wondering if I could get my modem replaced.  Thanks.

MJS by Member
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Because your internet goes down, is not always an outage!

I always see people rip on Mediacom Tech that the internet sucks and is always down.  Yes, sometimes there can be issues with the cable going to your home but what I have found, helping friends and myself, is that the Mediacom modems are usually good...

Maintenance Trap

Maintenance was completed near my home, and the technician said a "Trap" was installed. What does a trap do? Thanks, I'll take my answer off the air. 

IP address showing NJ but I live in IA

I may be having Geolocation issues, as a specific gambling website is not letting me in. I live in IA and my Ip address is showing that I live in NJ. Any ideas?

Internet drops all day long every day

Last Monday two techs came out. Literally replaced every piece of equipment and even the cables. My internet drops several times a day. I am fed up!  I want this fixed and I do NOT want the same guys to come out!

Mb by Member
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