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Intermittent Internet outages - not resolved

I'm subscribed to Mediacom "Internet 200" service (cable modem, internet only) and have had no luck in getting a problem with intermittent short-duration (1 to 3 minute) outages resolved. The frequency of dropouts fluctuates, from 2 to 12 times durin...

Port Forwarding port 21

I am having fits forwarding port 21 (FTP) through these Eeros.  I called Mediacom and they said they do not block any ports. I can forward port 80 with no issues. Has anyone had any luck forward port 21 or any ideas where I am going wring?  

wifi problems -- no internet

I have a mediacom Xtream router/modem. The Internet signal gets to the router and the ethernet works fine but i have no wifi internet.  My primary PC is hooked up to the ethernet but I require wifi on other devices. please help me.Steven Mehl, Edit: ...

Missing Emails

I have not been receiving all of my emails. My son will email me at my mchsi account and my gmail account. The gmail messages always come through, the mchsi account messages are hit and miss. The mchsi account seems to get them more often if they are...

bill_d by Member
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Phone email "unable to connect to server"

I'm trying to get my email to work on my phone again.  It stopped working at some point and I'm not sure why.  I tried re-entering my password to see if that was the problem and I get an "unable to connect to email server - no response from server" e...

slow internet

I pay for 1 gig of internet but my download speed is only 3.5 MBS. whats going on?

rogars by Member
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Second residential account for home.

Fiber is not available in my area. I would like to get a second 1gbps connection to my home and use a router to combine and balance the two WAN connections. More important to me is upload than download speed and since download is still being prioriti...

Secure Shell (SSH) filtering

Hello, all!I'm writing because it appears that Mediacom blocks SSH access (tcp port 22) both inbound and outbound. I have various shell accounts - none of which can be accessed from my home internet connection. Below, you'll find the output from the ...