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FAST 3896

I have a FAST 3896 but was not given login information for the modem itself.  Every time I contact support they think I'm trying to connect via Wi-Fi and tell me to use the eero app.  I can get to the modem address and attempt to log in...

Cypher by Visitor
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Speeds terrible since outage other day

There was a service outage a couple days ago and ever since then my 1gig connection is barely getting 100 mbps and upload is 2-5mbps.  It's also not very stable.  Des Moines, IA area.

Mediacom WIFI

This is my second time writing this because my wifi went out while typing it out… The past month my wifi will work maybe an hour at a time before it cuts out and I have to restart the router. After restarting the router I’ll get 10-40 minutes of unin...

Games Server Problems

Hello all!Apologies if this is not the appropriate forum to put this under.I play many video games in my free time, and some require online connections. These connections are routed through that videogame company's servers. Some games I play that do ...

Xtream Hotspots

When you are out on the town or traveling to another city, you can connect to Mediacom and Partner WiFi hotspots for Free. Mediacom Internet subscribers have unlimited access, and non-subscribers get 30 minutes for FREE every month.               ...

cedarrapidshotspotmap.jpg delawarehotspotmap.jpg xtreamwifihotspots.jpg desmoineshotspotmap.jpg

Xbox/internet help

I had to reset our modem over the weekend and now our Xbox shows connected to the internet but when we try to play a game it says it’s not connected. I have restarted the Xbox and forgot the network and re-entered the password. Nothing seems to work....

antenna tv

I have internet only.  Can I Tee in to may internet cable with an antenna cable to get TV from my antenna?

mikeb97 by Visitor
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