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Modem Swap: Rented to Customer Owned

I will soon be swapping out cable modems from the Mediacom rented one, to a Customer purchased one.  The new modem will be a "Arris Surfboard S33 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem".   I was told by one of the techs on the phone yesterday that basically any DOCS...

Trying to connect shark robot

Hi! I bought a new shark robot because the old one died. Now the new 1 will not connect to 5g. I have eero also. I have switched the eero to 2.4 and even put it in legacy mode. No matter what I do it will not connect to it. The robot connects to phon...

Intermittent Internet outages - not resolved

I'm subscribed to Mediacom "Internet 200" service (cable modem, internet only) and have had no luck in getting a problem with intermittent short-duration (1 to 3 minute) outages resolved. The frequency of dropouts fluctuates, from 2 to 12 times durin...

ISP Questions

How does Mediacom justify having the most expensive Internet Service Provider option while having the lowest rated reliability?  Mediacom advertises the fast speeds but cannot consistently produce these speeds due to the aging infrastructure of the n...

88 by Visitor
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.mediacom has come to be the most highest price net.i only have wifi and using not even a half of gb and they went up on my bill,its highway robbery,,i have no cable dont play games no phone system and bam!shame its a shame.

rdl_17 by Visitor
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Double NAT detected...

I've been a Mediacom customer for many years.  I have my own Arris SB8200 modem and use a Netgear Orbi WiFi and router.There is a Synology NAS on my internal network for raided storage of my photos, music and documents.  The Synology complains about ...

SRauh by Visitor
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Current list of supported 3rd party modems

The most recent list I can find is dated 11/2022 and shows some discontinued modems.  Is there a more recent list available?  I have been looking at the Motorola MB8611 (replaces the 8600).  Open to other recommendations. 

nrcma98 by Visitor
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Internet down again

Been down for a while now and I can’t report an outage. 

Joe by Visitor
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24 hours????

We have an ouutage. I have two sons and no Internet. It's below zero. The Internet went out three hours ago. They waited patiently till 8:15 pm... Which the website said was when the outage would be over. Check at 8:15. Still no internet. I check the...