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Looking to see if I can get 2GB service

I love my internet service and had seen that they now offer up to 2GB of service.  As a Teleworker, that would be amazing.  Was wanting to see if it was possible to get.  When I try to check online, it does not seem to want to give me an option to se...

MikeW by Visitor
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Repeated WiFi problems with eero

Since we were forced to start using the eero extension of our Wi-Fi, I cannot keep the myQ connection for my garage doors, nor my Blink connection for my cameras connected. They continuously drop the Wi-Fi and require a full reset. This happens at le...

Jmd by Visitor
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How long does maintenance take?

It’s going to be like three weeks without internet and they keep telling me it will take 24 to 48 hours to complete. Does anyone know how long exactly it takes? 

Kuku456 by Visitor
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Internet problems in Illinois... AGAIN.

Sigh...  Once again, internet problems in Illinois.  Speeds are good and signal is fine, but once again, lots of lag, and connecting to things in a stable manner is almost impossible.  Website doesn't show an outage or any issues, but obviously they'...

Can’t connect my smart WiFi bulb

I was trying to connect my feit electric smart bulb to the WiFi but it won’t connect. I tried to temporarily reduce to WiFi to 2.4 GHz but now my phone won’t connect to the 2.4 GHz and my phone also needs to be connected in order for the bulb to work...

Ms2 by Visitor
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Can Beggars be Choosers? Modem with a 2.5Gb port

Hey folks, I have my PC connected now via Ethernet after the tech ran the cable into my office room. I noticed the Modem/Router I have only has four 1Gb ports and no 2.5Gb port. Because of this I rarely break 800Mb/s down whereas I easily hit over 1....

Not getting password reset email from Nike

The Nike website is trying to email me a code to reset my account.  I am not receiving the code.  I have been on the phone with Nike, and they confirmed they have the correct email address.  It's like my email is getting blocked at the server.

bfrank by Visitor
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I have a Comcast email and am trying to add it to my account. The email verification never comes through and I've checked the Spam folder as well as inbox. Any suggestions?

WiFi Name and password changed by someone else

This happened last year & is happening again. Someone else is changing my network name & password. I am the only one on my account. When this happens my WiFi goes off line & I have to reset all security cameras etc!  Lately my network was changed to ...