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Repeated Outages In My Neighborhood

I haven't had many problems with my Mediacom internet service up until a few months ago. Since the end of last year, internet outages have become a semi-monthly occurrence. I'm not talking about losing connection and the then reconnecting, either (th...

Service has become unreliable

I am about to start looking for another company.  My service is inconsistent.  For the last few months, like a few times a day, I will just lose connection and then it reconnects.  I need a steady internet connection for work but this is becoming an ...

Eero booster

Technician came to my home yesterday to set up the Eero booster. Thought it was working fine, however after he left the booster light went from a flashing white light to red. The Eero booster never sustained a solid white light. I unplugged the Route...

lit by Member
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Internet issues today

I'm having severe internet issues all day today.  I'm supposed to be getting 300 down/20 up, but I'm routinely getting around 150 down/0 up.  I tried the modem troubleshooter and it said it couldn't get a signal from my modem.  I power-cycled it and ...

How to block devices from network

I don't know if anyone has ever had this problem, but I noticed a dramatic increase in my usual data usage and after some digging discovered other unknown devices on my network. I changed the password and restarted the router/modem but these devices ...

Overages and dropped signal

Since April I have had outrageous overages. Like talking $100 in overage fees. I’ve contacted Mediacom over and over and over again about it, and the only thing they can tell me is just hope for the best next month that it doesn’t happen. I need help...

Clcole by Member
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Intermittent Internet outages - not resolved

I'm subscribed to Mediacom "Internet 200" service (cable modem, internet only) and have had no luck in getting a problem with intermittent short-duration (1 to 3 minute) outages resolved. The frequency of dropouts fluctuates, from 2 to 12 times durin...

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