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Third Party Email Settings

Many people set up their Mediacom email in popular clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Android Email App, iPhone/iPad Mail App, and many more. The settings below are for both and email addresse...

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Eero App

Do you have WiFi360 Pro (eero) with your Mediacom subscription? If so, there might be a lot of cool features that you might know about. Just to name a few things, you can run speed test within the app and view your data usage! First, make sure to dow...

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Xpert Support Powered by Mediacom

Make your digital life a breeze. With three Xpert plans to choose from, select the one with the right coverage for you. All three provide expert tech support to help you get more from the devices you love. Xpert Home Office Pro and Smart Home Complet...


Lots of lag and slowdowns today - 1Gig? Really?

Anything going on in Illinois today internet-wise?  Lots of lag and things are very slow today.  I know it's a holiday and all, but come on.  Things take forever to load and if they do, it's half the site.  


Why is mediacom such crappy internet? Never ever getting the speeds I pay for. Mediacom acts like I'm not an important customer. Feel like they slow down my speeds on purpose.

Wi-Fi password not available

I moved a few months ago, and transferred my Wi-Fi with me, but ever since I moved my internet isn’t secured anymore (the lock indicator is gone when you go to connect and my devices say my network is not secure). There is a password on it, I’ve even...

FireStick data consumption

FireSticks are put to sleep, not turned off as suggested in another post here.  Does anyone know how much data a FireStick consumes while in sleep mode?  How much it consumes while on but not streaming?