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location of ip address

My husband and I play games on a site Clubwpt. Yesterday I tried to play and the site said I'm not eligible  to play because of the state I live in. My husband played yesterday and again today. I pay a monthly fee to play on this site. My question is...

slow upload speed

second time this has happened; ~200Mbps download but anywhere from 0-2 Mbps upload speed. I have a technician scheduled for Friday but figured I'd post here to find a more permanent solution.Thanks in advance.

Devices that use 2.4ghz drop connection

About 2 weeks ago all the devices in my house that use 2.4ghz stopped staying connected. If I restart the modem or the eero device they stay connected for maybe an hour or two then they stop and won’t reconnect. My signal is excellent and the 5g is f...

Nova36 by Visitor
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Not Receiving All of my Email

I have not been receiving all of my messages to my .mchsi email address.  I know this because I have had people and various businesses tell me they have sent me messages and I never receieved them.  Just today I had a couple of itineraries sent from ...

FrankD by Visitor
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a couple of things: 1. Been having internet issues last few days.

Very low up/down when connected.  2.  Connection drops frequently.  I'm talking a 20% chance able to stream on tv.  I'm talking trying to load a regular website and it takes as long as when I was using dialup (yep that old).  Its obviously a problem ...

88 by Visitor
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Certain Wi-Fi Devices Having Trouble Connecting to Eero

Certain Wi-Fi Devices Having Trouble Connecting to Eero Eero is a mesh Wi-Fi system that aims to eliminate dead zones and provide seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. However, like any technology, users may occasionally encounter issues. One...

Kids Online Safety Tips

The internet can be a useful tool and fun space for kids, but it also comes with some significant risks. Here are a few pointers on how to keep your children safe while they are online.