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Community Manager
Community Manager
Everyone understands the importance of connecting every community across the country to fast and reliable internet access, but few have seen just how daunting that work can be - until now.
A new NCTA: The Internet and Television Association docufilm, Every Last Mile,  is a captivating documentary that uncovers the untold narrative of connecting rural America. Produced by NCTA – the Internet & Television Association, the movie shadows three dedicated cable crews operating in Alaska, Arizona, and Minnesota. These crews share firsthand experiences of the physical demands, challenging landscapes, and unexpected hurdles they encounter while extending broadband networks to unserved, remote areas. The film sheds light on the immense challenges faced by America’s cable industry as it strives to link rural, underserved communities nationwide. From extreme Alaskan weather conditions to scorching Arizona heat, these crews exemplify their commitment to bridging the digital divide and ensuring reliable internet access for every American.
The film features a project Mediacom helped make possible in Minnesota.
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