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Owner account demoted to user and can’t change it


Hello. I’ve followed all instructions posted in other threads. I went to pay my bill, and the bill pay is just gone. I went to recover my ID, by punching in my account number and recovery phone number. The only email that pops up is my current one. I reset my password too. I go to ID management, and the user option is greyed out, with no way up upgrading my account to owner/admin. I am in the owner account ID, and only ID/email tied to this account, and can’t make myself owner. I’ve never had issues before. I’ve followed ever step in this ( thread and I’m just stuck.



Hello TheBannHammer.  I apologize for the recent security changes that were implemented that created this problem for you.  To recover the owner ID information or for assistance with changing the current role assignments, you can contact our customer service team by SMS text messaging at 66554.  If you have not already activated this service, simply send the word JOIN.