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TiVo service account closed


A couple days ago, our mini said it couldn't find the main TiVo box. At the same time, the main TiVo box could be used to watch live TV, but would not record anything either through OnePass or manually. Instead of the name of the show, a message was displayed saying TiVo service interrupted. Following suggestions online here, I reset and rebooted the modem with the boxes unplugged, then plugged in the main box and forced connection to the TiVo service twice. Both times I got the check marks signifying a successful connection. I then plugged in the mini. The mini still can't find the main box and now the main box displays a message saying TiVo Service Account Closed.

I called in this morning and spoke with a service rep, who sent a signal to reset the box. Nothing changed. He then stated that someone from the TiVo service department would call today. The job # is 5475515. I have not received a call but thought I would try here. The rep did confirm that it showed on his end that we have an active TiVo account and I have my service number from an Account Closed message.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Connecting to the Tivo service should resolve it, assuming it is active on our side as you mentioned. Thank you and hope that helps.

I am not at my house to try anything right now, but connecting to the TiVo service did nothing, even after the rep told me he showed an active TiVo account for us. Has anything been done to our account in the five days since I sent that message? If not, I would expect to get the same 'account closed message.'

Community Manager
Community Manager

Please connect to tivo once you are home and let us know the outcome. We believe the issue is fixed. Keep us posted. 

Everything seems to be working now. Thank you.